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EDX: Software designed to reshape your Medical Laboratory Facility

Are you planning to digitize your medical laboratory facility, no matter the scale, due diligence of coordinating timelines, satisfying regulatory requirements, digitizing your process, improving your services for better customer service, or proper monitoring of your laboratory?

Our dynamic Medical Laboratory Management Software (EDX) will equip you with features to effectively manage complicated processes while abiding by the regulatory guidelines.

The reality is it takes a team to move a lab. A professional laboratory software service provider is a core component of a well-rounded team.

Identifying a partner best fit for a particular project requires a clear understanding of the scope and gaps of the resources at hand. Before engaging key stakeholders, a successful move starts with diligent pre-planning. 

From biobanking to pathology and beyond, our unique, fully configurable laboratory software is used in many industries – providing you with what you need to accurately manage large amounts of data while supporting your compliance and regulatory requirements.

With a huge number of successful implementations under our belt, our experience spans diverse industries and means that no matter what your business niche is, we have the know-how to get your laboratory software solution up and running quickly and efficiently. So you can concentrate on running your laboratory.

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We are Software Experts that Understands Your Industry

The main purpose of EDX Software is to improve lab efficiency, quality control, and accuracy by reducing manual operations.

How it does this varies based on the use case, as our software can be customized to suit near-limitless situations and industries. Our advanced software systems will perform a range of core functions that assist your daily work and long-term projects, enhancing all laboratory work areas.

The software that fits your needs

The breadth of an EDX can vary; a product that focuses on optimizing sample tracking and management is just as valuable as a complete, comprehensive platform that handles invoices and billing and conducts quality assurance or quality control.

EDX solutions offer built-in electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and lab inventory management.

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Electronic Medical Diagnostic Software

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