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EDX: Electronic Medical Diagnostic Software

EDX is developed by Craft Information Technology Services. Being an industry-leading firm, this quick-evolving Software Development company has served Nigeria, United States among other countries for years. It has been developing cost-effective software solutions that offer complete workflow support to Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, Golf clubs, Occupational Health Centers, Homecare, Pharmacies and more.

We have made it our mission to ease the operations of medical service providers while maintaining the highest quality of patient. Each of our solutions are crafted to help them in making the best of any opportunity. Our commitment and dedication enables us to always stay by our clients when they need it.

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Extraordinary smart solution for ordinary people.

Our clients inspire us to deliver bespoke software solutions that exceed their expectations and help them with their internal processes and operations. Everyday, every time, we strive to come up with something new and better than what we have created. We work to stay ahead of market trends and always ensure the latest and best modules are always available in EDX.

Investigation Report

Our dynamic software provide a easy to manage interface and algorithm to ensure a perfect report for investigations.


Our software ensure easy, dynamic and intuitive interface for management of income, expense, billing, staff salary payroll and more.

Detailed reporting

Our software provide detailed information about transactions, investigation reports, staff performance report and more

How it works

Integrate our solution easily

We have studied healthcare operation environment and procedures across Nigeria to ensure that the EDX provides a platform that has a solution for every need, regardless of the department or demography.

Our software can be called plugin and play, no special setup is required. Our solution can be tailored and upgraded to meet the changing requirements of your facility. It provide a complete control over its configurations!

Get an appointments

At EDX we provide channel for both virtual and physical meeting.

Advance Services

EDX is built to provide you a competitive edge by employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) approaches to collect data.