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Welcome to EDX Medical Solutions Ltd, where innovation meets excellence in medical diagnostics. Our mission is to transform the way diagnostic centers and medical facilities operate, enhancing efficiency and patient care through cutting-edge technology.

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15+ facilities use EDX to automate their workflow.

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The Company and EDX: Who we are

EDX Medical Solutions Ltd is the company managing EDX Medical Software. The software is developed by Craft Information Technology Services. Being an industry-leading firm, this quick-evolving Software Development company has served Nigeria, United States among other countries for years. It has been developing cost-effective software solutions that offer complete workflow support to Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, Golf clubs, Occupational Health Centers, Homecare, Pharmacies and more.

We have made it our mission to ease the operations of medical service providers while maintaining the highest quality of patient. Each of our solutions are crafted to help them in making the best of any opportunity. Our commitment and dedication enables us to always stay by our clients when they need it. 

EDX: A Seamless Diagnostic Experience, Anywhere, Anytime

We take pride in our commitment to data security, ensuring your patient information remains confidential and protected. EDX prioritizes data protection and conforms to international standards, offering peace of mind to both medical professionals and patients.

The EDX experience is all about collaboration and ease of use. Our platform features powerful collaboration tools, enabling seamless communication among your team, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Trust and Visibility Combined: Discover EDX's Transparent Approach

Our cutting-edge software empowers medical centers with crystal-clear insights into patient data, test results, and operations. With EDX, you can confidently make informed decisions, streamline processes, and enhance patient care. Join the EDX movement today and unlock the power of transparency for your diagnostic center. Trust, efficiency, and exceptional insights await you.

Streamlined Workflow

Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time for healthcare professionals

Enhanced Collaboration

Whether it's within the same center or across multiple branches, EDX promotes effective communication

Advanced Security

Protecting patient data is a top priority in the medical field. EDX ensures the highest level of data security with end-to-end encryption.

Future-Ready Technology

Regular updates and advancements in the software ensure that centers stay ahead of the curve with the latest diagnostic technology.

How it works

Integrate our solution easily

Our software can be called plugin and play, no special setup is required. Our solution can be tailored and upgraded to meet the changing requirements of your facility. It provide a complete control over its configurations!

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