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CITS launches EDX for streamlined process in Medical Laboratory Management

Electronic Medical Diagnostic Software

Craft Information Technology Service, a leading software company, announced the launch of Electronic Medical Laboratory Management Software (EDX), a software that helps Medical Laboratory Centre companies virtualize their process and workflow. EDX which is an evolutionary breakthrough in the software for Medical Laboratory Centres has its previous versions which are HIMS versions 1.0 to 3.0.

With EDX, Medical Laboratory Centre can effectively streamline its process while simultaneously minimizing human error and an increase in the turnaround time of its service delivery.

While this software provides a simple user interface for operators to collect patient data, investigate details, manage those details and produce efficient output in line with health management compliances.

This software is developed with a focus on areas with relatively poor internet connectivity where it consumes less network bandwidth at almost infinitesimal quantity. We make use of advanced algorithms and technology which pre-rendered uploaded documents in the client’s system (client’s side) before being sent over to the server for further processing which reduces the amount of data being transported and less bandwidth. 

EDX has been deployed to some Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic centers in Nigeria which are Leah Medical Centre, Mabifus Medical Diagnostic Centre, Bloodlinks Haematology Centre among others.

Electronic Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Management Software are majorly Medical Software developed for Medical Laboratories to help brings solutions to their daily process by simplifying it from the front desk to the last point of access. It also provides a focused user interface to its users.

If you have an interest in virtualizing your Medical Diagnostic Centre, simplifying the process, make data-driven decisions without losing focus on accountability, then EDX is the right software.

You can visit https://edx.care for more information. 


Electronic Medical Diagnostic Software

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